Work Experience

Work Experience

Why is Work Experience Important?

Seeking work experience is a critical component that many medical students find challenging. Whether you are looking to secure a place in your local GP practice, hospital or even with specialists around the world, we are here to help you. 

Our ‘Doctor for a Day’ virtual work experience has been an intensely popular interactive course which has benefited students from Perth to Edinburgh. A comprehensive one-day session hosted by Dr. Saj and delivered to aspiring medical students from all over the world. 

Virtual Work Experience

Doctor for a Day

Register for our incredibly captivating interactive online work experience course which has benefited students from London to Bangalore. 

Experience what it is like to be a doctor through our unique online clinical practice, manage simulated emergencies and learn about the job in way that you can reflect about it in your personal statement!

Work Experience

Obtaining Work Experience

Hospital Work Experience – Every aspiring medical student wants to arrange work experience in a hospital setting. With advice and guidance from our experts, you will be able to formulate your own connections in a speciality of your choosing. 

Primary Care Work Experience – Find out how to organise a clinical placement with your local GP including all the important considerations to take when assessing your options. 

Alternative Opportunities – In addition to virtual opportunities available on the internet, you can also shadow allied health professionals within other healthcare settings. These can range from shadowing any of the members of the wider multidisciplinary team including pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, nurses and dieticians. 

Gap Year Growth – Making profound use of your gap year is an important step in developing your character for the journey ahead. With our gap year growth programme, we can help nurture your skillset and get you involved in numerous community projects to facilitate your overall development. 


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‘An incredibly enriching experience despite the fact that it was virtual - not only did we learn about ward rounds and diagnoses but also observed a real procedure and heard testimonies from patients that genuinely changed my perspective on the field of medicine.’


‘This eye-opening session was essential into gaining a realistic insight into the emotional side of being a doctor as well as the practical side.’


‘I have expanded my knowledge on the specialities and gained insight from what it’s like being in the medical field from an actual doctor. After today I feel more motivated and inspired to pursue the medical field and develop the skills needed for that. It was a wonderful experience.’


‘A truly interactive experience filled with the joys and true realities of what it means to be a doctor involving real life surgeries and ward rounds that are extremely thought provoking.’


'I learnt quite a lot during this session, a lot of meaningful advice and ward rounds. I enjoyed, it was very interactive and realistic.’


‘It was a very inspiring, motivating and engaging experience. I feel like I have gained knowledge about what it is like to be a doctor and the many aspects in the field of medicine.’


‘The virtual work experience was an enriching experience. All the advice and real life stories throughout the zoom were enlightening.’


‘This session was definitely worth the time, we heard stories about patients facing life threatening diseases which was very inspiring and got a real insight of what it is like to be a doctor and what obstacles and surprises wait ahead of us in the journey of medicine and how diverse it is and how it is continuously developing through time.’


‘Great instructions from a great presenter and doctor. Dr. Saj was inspiring and with this session I feel as though I saw a new side of medicine and a great virtual work experience.'


‘Pretty incredible. Initially, I was expecting the experience to be a lecture webinar, but I honestly enjoyed the interactive aspect to it, and Dr. Saj's role as the host was a gem of an experience.’


‘It has been an extremely enriching session for me. Dr. Saj was very inspiring in leading the session. I gained insight on different aspects of being a doctor and different experiences in the medical field.’


‘An amazing experience which truly gives you an insight of what it’s really like to work within the medical field. From eye-opening testimonies to the comical radiology scans, this experience has opened my eyes to what it takes to be a doctor and is definitely worth your time. Dr. Saj has been such an amazing mentor and the wonderful support group created by this opportunity is something that is so appreciated.’