Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Why is the Personal Statement Important?

Four thousand days after you have finished writing out the 4000 characters for your UCAS personal statement, you will still reminisce back to the compilation of achievements that you elaborately wrote about before serving to your medical admissions tutors around the country, hoping for a place at their university. 

It is an honourable achievement once accomplished, but one that ought to be tackled precisely to ensure you stand the best chance of being shortlisted for a medical interview in one of the UK’s finest medical schools. 

Through the statement, it is your job to convince the medical admissions tutor on the other side, that you possess the commitment, desire and motivation to pursue one of the most uniquely challenging professions in the world.

Our team have put together a number of resources to guide you from start to finish with your personal statement journey. 

Personal Statement

Personal Statement Structure

Motivation and Passion

Break down your motivations about why you wish to pursue a career in medicine in an engaging and unique manner to entice the reader and kickstart your statement.

Extra-curricular activities and achievements

Delving into your hobbies, interests and passions away from your studies is an important component to show you are cut out to handle the pressures of the role.

Voluntary Work

Showcase your ongoing efforts and your skillset as a well-rounded individual by talking about your voluntary work and academic research.


A summary paragraph concisely tying up the document and your key points will help encapsulate and round off your statement in an eloquent manner.

Personal Statement Tips

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