By Hafsa Kalim

GCSEs may be cancelled, your centre assessed grades are not!

Even though GCSE examinations may not be taking place, a lot of the things you do from now until the date teachers make their submissions could* count towards your final grade. Keep working hard and studying, like you would, if GCSEs were taking place. Continue to contribute in class, put extra effort into anything you teacher will mark and the obvious one, smash those test and mini exams out the park! 

The bigger picture – your subjects will be needed for A-levels 

Three (or maybe even four) of the subjects you are currently studying, you will continue to study in the coming two years. You may not be having exams but a good understanding of the content will allow to progress well in the months ahead when you transition from GCSEs to A-levels. A flawless building will always fall if it has weak foundations. 

Develop key life skills along the way

Of course there will be subjects that you will not be studying next year and I am sure not having to study some of those will be the best thing that has ever happened to you! For the time being we still have to study them as well as receive a decent grade (I hope). This is where you will build skills that will come in handy later when life gets a bit tough. We should all try and shift our mindset from ‘where will learning about metaphors and similes ever get me in life’ to ‘how can I gain skills from this activity that I can use later on’. No matter how much you will love your dream job in the future there will still be aspects of your job that you absolutely loathe whether its completing paperwork or having to send those pesky emails. If from this age we build self-discipline, resilience, organisation as well as learning to adapt and change our techniques to different strategies that work better, our lives as young adults will be a lot easier! We will know how to cope with mundane tasks that no one wants to do, but with the skills you will pick up now, you get through them faster leaving more time doing what we want. 

More free time… well maybe 

Though I cannot guarantee this one, if you work smart, I am sure you can make it work. The benefit of not having exams is that you can streamline your revision and instead of revising the entire syllabus, you will only need to revise topics that your teachers assign. This will allow you to focus more on these areas as well as potentially give you few extra hours per week to do whatever you like! 

*A lot of what you will do from now until grades are submitted will be taken into account to determine your final grade, you should not stress over every little piece of work you complete or every exam you sit. Teachers know at the end of the day, students and teachers alike are only human, and we all have our bad days.