An Insight into Medicine

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An Insight Into Medicine

What We Offer?

Experience medicine through our comprehensive session delivered by inspirational doctors and medical students. An intimate opportunity for you to pose all your questions and concerns to doctors who have been through the process already.

Gain insight into the realities of working through the night, how to cope when you make a mistake in the workplace and the pleasures that come with helping patients in need.

If you are from a school, sixth form or medical society – this session is the perfect way to expose your colleagues to the world of medicine.

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A Medical Journey

Sit back, relax and brace yourself for a journey from one end to the other.

Lessons from Specialisation

Find out what life as a speciality doctor looks like, from the inside.

Is It Worth It?

A brutally honest weigh-in from an experienced professional.

The Life of a Doctor

The realities, challenges, sacrifices and rewards (may contain juicy bits)!

Healthcare Ambitions

Inspirational ways you can serve the global community from your locality.

A Word of Advice

Tips and advice to help you successfully pursue your passions.