This week I have been in the United States of America where I have spent time touring downtown Chicago, teaching medical students and eating cheesecake. 

During my stay, I also had the opportunity to visit Schaumburg Township District Library; a particularly refreshing experience. Reading has always been a passion of mine and one that I enjoy cultivating. The incredibly child-friendly Schaumburg library with its ‘Enchanted Forest’ and 3D characters including Winnie the Pooh emphasised to me just how much of a priority reading must become for young children in the U.S. 

I sometimes feel with the acceleration of social media, the internet and a society built around instant gratification that our attention span for reading and absorbing education content is fast diminishing. 

As life-long learners in medicine, reading is important but so too is having the patience to get through the a book and take heed from whatever educational nuggets have been presented to us by wise authors. 

It is for this reason, I aim to increase my own reading in the coming months and welcome anyone that wishes to join me in my quest to read more beneficial content. From there we can hopefully inspire a lifetime of learning, personal growth, and community engagement.

For any aspiring medical students, current medical students or even healthcare professionals, the Medic Launch team have put together a top 20 must-read guide of possible books you can start on. 

Simply download and access here:

Thank-you and happy reading!

Dr. Saj

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

– Dr. Seuss (American children’s author, cartoonist, illustrator, poet, animator, and filmmaker)