Having helped students for the past 12 years with their A-level examinations and preparation there are some recurring themes that come back time after time and are worth reflection as we approach examination crunch time! 

Exams are always stressful and rarely enjoyed by the majority of students but that does not mean your preparation should slow down now. As we enter the month of June, now is the time to really tighten that belt and notch things up with your revision. 

There are five key strategies that I would like to share with you today:

1. Cover your weak areas

In an ideal world, you would have covered all areas of the syllabus by this point and will be focussing on honing your exam technique through close analysis of past papers. This may not always be possible and so it is absolutely paramount that you focus on the tedious bits; the areas you find difficult or the bits you have been simply putting off! No one is going to cover them for you. 

2. It is a marathon, not a race

For some students, it can really feel like an uphill cycle. Getting through to the end of the two year A-level syllabus is a crazy journey. Just remember that you’ve put in the hard work for so long and it will indeed materialise. Having the mindset of a marathon runner is key in reminding yourself of the stamina needed to get through to the end. 

3. Avoid night-before cramming

The night before your exam, aim to switch off and focus on maximising your rest. Being alert, fresh and ready to regurgitate your revision is more beneficial than learning new bits of information in a frenzied rush and panic. 

4. Deactivate social media 

The irony ‘eh? Social media distractions are the greatest barriers that affect competent students on an annual basis. The best way to avoid procrastination, social media distractions and relentless effort of loved ones to take you away from your desk is to imagine receiving your results on results day. How do you want to feel when you are handed your envelope / opening your emails? What do you want your results to be? Circle your results date on your calendar and keep it as a reminder on your home-screen.

5. Stay motivated: ‘Go Fishing’

You may have days where you feel exam anxiety is kicking in. That is when you know you are ready for a good break away from the desk and a few hours to take your mind off work completely. Go fishing, take a scenic walk in your local park or simply speak to a supportive friend or loved one. 

Finally – remember at Medic Launch, we are here to offer any support and guidance to you should you feel you need it. If you have any queries or wish to speak to a member of our tutoring team, drop us an email so we can support you with an individualised approach to your academic success! 

All the best – you’re almost there!

Dr Saj