10 Tips for Seeking Medical Work Experience

1. Get in touch with your school / college / sixth form for help. 

2. Contact your local NHS Trust and email the HR department using contact details found on the public website.

3. Contact any personal contacts who may be healthcare professionals and those who have previously applied for medicine for direction.

4. Write letters and be personal in your quest.

5. Phone as many of your local GP practices and local care homes.

6. Aim to get broad experience in local care homes, GP practices and hospitals if possible.

7. Join our ‘Doctor for a Day’ experience for an overview of key medical areas and run through of clinical skills. 

8. Keep a logbook and document all your medical experiences as you go on. Reflect on your experience even if you are attending the hospital for yourself or to visit a relative. 

9. Remember the idea of work experience is to ensure that you are happy and aware of what the job entails in reality! 

10. By reflecting and drawing upon personalised examples from your work experience, you will form a strong personal statement and key foundation for your interview answers too!